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Primary 6

Welcome to Primary 6!

In Primary 6, children continue to develop the skills which they have learned in the previous years at the school. At this point, the children are working a lot on their level of independence and are aware that they are somewhat responsible for their own learning. They are encouraged to take pride in their work in all areas of the curriculum and are aware that a high standard of work is expected. In Literacy the children are focusing on improving their reading fluency and understanding through comprehensive skills. We spend time also on developing the unique skills specific to all the writing types. In Numeracy they are beginning to utilise all the facts and skills they have learned up to this point and tackle problems.


There are a wide range of World Around Us topics covered between Primary 6 and 7. Some of these topics include Victorians, Natural disasters, Eco-warriors, Living Things, Sound and Light, Electricity and many more. The children have opportunities to develop their ICT skills continually in class through all areas of the curriculum. In Physical Education, the children have opportunities to experience dance, games, gymnastics, swimming and athletics throughout the year. The children are given the opportunity to be part of the school choir and they experience playing the tin whistle.


Primary 6, have you seen the Kids’ Zone where you can play games and visit some cool websites?